The MIDAS White Paper on Risk and Impacts of Inadequate infrastructure for Service Oriented Architecture Testing, has been published

Testing activities are closely linked to the challenges that companies currently
face: flexible reaction to changes on the market and customer side, fast introduction of
new products through optimized “time-to-market”, and greater efficiency in delivering

The MIDAS SaaS approach – and the underlying cloud technology – downsizes of
one or more order of magnitudes all the testing equipment costs, making the MIDAS
solution accessible to all the relevant stakeholders (users) in testing domain that
traditionally are excluded or perform very little testing activity(such as SMEs).
Moreover, on the basis of a typical pricing policy for cloud computing, the MIDAS SAAS
approach downsizes the licensing costs of test methods and tools too. In other terms,
the MIDAS technology disrupts the SOA testing tool market, allowing “all” to enter the
“new” SOA/API testing-as-a-service market.

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