In the MIDAS project terminology, the term Pilot identifies a complex, service oriented software system deployed on a business infrastructure that solves a set of common use cases in typical industrial scenarios.

The pilots are thought to be realistic representations of what could be a typical client for the MIDAS platform.

Process of testing complex service oriented architectures, like the proposed ones, is expensive and often non effective when measured according to quantitative or qualitative metrics. Sometimes the process of writing tests is too lengthy or too expensive. In other situations the test cases are covering only partially the range of possible situations thus bugs or defects remaining hidden.

Early involvement of the pilots in the MIDAS project has a threefold objective:

  1. Identify and state metrics by which pilots want to improve their testing activities.
  2. Verify to what extent MIDAS can tackle these requirements in its early prototype version and in subsequent refinements made possible by its open architecture.
  3. Identify how pilots will be useful to validate the selling point of the project which is defined in D8.2.

The MIDAS SOA testing automation objective is based on the assumption that after almost fifteen years of research on SOA testing it is possible and realistic to take a big step forward to SOA testing automation.

The two described pilots in the Healthcare and Supply Management Chain aim at demonstrating this assumption by providing each a plausible yet simplified business scenario where complex service oriented architectures are employed.

By using Pilots, the MIDAS project aims to put in place a SOA Testing Infrastructure that brings the following four major innovation points:

  1. SOA testing automation,
  2. SOA testing infrastructure as a service,
  3. SOA testing infrastructure as a programmable service (API),
  4. SOA testing infrastructure as an open and evolutionary “marketplace” of test methods.

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