A facility for improving SOA testing

The MIDAS project aims to design and build an integrated framework for SOA testing automation that will be available as a Software as a Service (SaaS) on a Cloud infrastructure and that spans all the testing activities: test generation, execution, evaluation and scheduling, on the functional, interaction, fault tolerance, security and usage-based testing aspects. MIDAS is focused on SOA testing, i.e. on black box testing of single services and on grey-box testing of services architectures. The testing methods and technologies that are investigated and prototyped in the project are beyond the state of the art, particularly on model-based testing, model checking of choreographies for sound interaction test scenarios, fuzzing for security testing, usage-based testing, probabilistic inference reasoning about test evaluation and scheduling.

The solution of the SOA testing problem can be brought only by a disruptive innovation that drastically simplifies and routinizes the testing task by implementing and offering an automated, effective, accessible and affordable testing facility.

With MIDAS, we want to make it easier for companies to benefit from SOA testing