D9.2 Periodic Dissemination and Collaboration Report

This report summarizes the dissemination, standardization and collaboration activities carried out by the MIDAS project in the September 2012–August 2013 period. Additionally we evaluate the process and results in this first year and we define future work following the Gant chart included in the D9.1 Dissemination Plan Deliverable.

In this first period the main general purpose dissemination materials have been created and published in the website (www.midas-project.eu), in particular: the brochure, the flyer, the poster, the welcome video and introductory presentation slides and two numbers of the newsletter. 9 deliverables have been created as public and are available for download.

MIDAS has been represented in 7 events and conferences, 2 scientific papers have been published in the context of MIDAS and a white paper on requirements for automatically testable services and services architecture has been developed.

MIDAS has participated in OMG and ETSI standardization bodies, being active in more than 10 testing standards. Preliminary contacts with 3 European projects (CONTRAIL, CASSANDRA and e-Freight) has been developed in order to discuss potential collaborations.

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