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Simple Engineering is a European group of micro-firms specialized in Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and Business Process Management (BPM). Simple Engineering France is a subsidiary of the group, specialized in research and development activities.
The Simple Engineering group:

  • operates as an architecture & engineering firm and provides a complete range of professional services: advising, planning, analysis, design, requirerment definition, capacity planning, service implementation, test, validation, verification, governance, audit and assessment of SOA/BPM;
  • has developed simpleSOAD®, a complete, detailed and proven methodological framework for analysis, requirement definition, design and implementation of SOA/BPM, based on a model-driven approach;
  • runs an architecture & engineering school, provides learning, coaching and technology transfer services to companies and professionals;
  • grants commercial licenses of the simpleSOAD® methodological framework to certified companies and professionals;
  • runs an architecture & engineering Lab and provides deployment, configuration, consulting, support, learning and coaching services on COTS (Commercial off-the-shelf) and FOSS (Free Open Source Software) SOA/BPM technological infrastructure frameworks;
  • participates in research programmes on methods and tools for the SOA/BPM life cycle, in cooperation with prestigious european Universities and research centres.

31-35, rue St. Ambroise – 75011 Paris (FRANCE)
Tel: ++33 664 333 463

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