Objectives and approach

The goal of the MIDAS project is to design and build a test automation facility that targets SOA implementations

The objective of the MIDAS project is to realize a comprehensive framework able to support automation and intelligent management of SOA testing. The framework supports all the testing cycle activities: test case planning, development and execution, reporting and result analysis, test campaign management and scheduling. Moreover, the framework supports the main testing domains such as functional, interactional, fault-tolerance, security and usage-based testing.

In order to provide these features, the architecture of the MIDAS framework includes:

  • an environment for design time and run time (on the fly) generation of test cases and oracles;
  • an environment for SOA automatic testing configuration, initialization and execution of the Services Architecture Under Test (SAUT), based upon a Test and Test Control Notation  (TTCN 3) distributed engine;
  • probabilistic and symbolic inference based methods and tools for test result analysis and test campaign planning and scheduling.

In order to support the elastic scalability of the testing environment – allocation of huge amounts of computation resources for relatively short test campaigns on very large services architectures – the MIDAS framework is made available as a Platform as a Service (PaaS) on a cloud infrastructure. Fig. 1 illustrates the architecture of the MIDAS framework.


An effective solution of the SOA testing problem
A facility that saves you from hand-writing of test cases, manual configuration of test environments, manual scheduling of test runs and eyeball assessment of test outcomes.

We go beyond the state of the art
Our testing methods and technologies are beyond the state of the art, particularly on model-based testing, model checking of choreographies for sound interaction test scenarios, fuzzing for security testing, usage-based testing, probabilistic inference reasoning about test evaluation and scheduling.