The MIDAS website

The MIDAS website,, has been established as the central element that includes all dissemination activities and results which can be downloaded freely.

Its first configuration is based on planned activities rather than on technical results, but it will evolve dynamically to be more based on target audiences. It includes the following sections:

  • Project: a specific section about MIDAS project, the fact sheet, its motivation, objectives, approach     and expected impact and results.
  • Consortium: an overall description of MIDAS consortium and a sheet of every partner.
  • News & Events: a list of news or events related directly to MIDAS or to testing domain.
  • Dissemination: all materials, activities and results derived from dissemination strategy.
  • Collaboration: a specific section where we would like to engage external stakeholders to be involved in MIDAS., what we call “the MIDAS community”. In this period related EU projects and
  • MIDAS in standardization have been defined.
  • Contact us: a form to join or write to MIDAS members.

See the whole sitemap.