Healthcare Generic services Pilot

The selected business scenario for the application of the MIDAS platform to the Healthcare pilot is the management of patients who are affected by chronic diseases.

A chronic disease is a condition that affects a citizen for a very long period of time in proportion to his or her life expectation. Typically a chronic disease can be considered to be a definitive condition that will characterize a patient for the rest of the life.
A very common pattern that applies to chronic diseases is the phase based progress of the disease. Patients typically experience periods of relative wellness which are interrupted by acute relapses and subsequent phases of recovery.

One of the most pregnant observations though is that there needs to be a robust and efficient technological infrastructure in order to solve many of the difficult interaction problems that are typical in complex and sensible scenarios like the described one. The overall business scenario can be summarized as described in the following Figure:

midas_HealthcareBig picture of the Healthcare scenario.

The overall scenario involves four categories of actors that can be described as:

  • Patient: a person with a chronic disease.
  • Clinical responsible (family doctor, general practitioner, primary care doctor) is responsible for following a patient because of an explicit assignment, choice or any other reason. The clinical responsible is the actor starting the workflow necessary to assist a chronic patient. He may also be responsible for prescribing therapies or referrals and for checking their outcomes.
  • Clinical specialists are all those clinical professionals (doctors, nurses) that get involved in the assistance of a chronic patient because they perform or report on examinations, treat acute phases, apply particular invasive therapies.
  • Technical staff groups together all the professionals involved in supplying a technical service which is only related to clinical requirements but doesn’t require itself a particular clinical expertise. For instance the technicians installing the home monitoring hardware and software can be considered in this category.