The research partners within MIDAS (universities and research centers) envisage intensive editorial activities to scientific journals and professional magazines. These activities will be carried out not only within the project time scope but also after its completion. Publication activities will be related to MIDAS but predominantly carried out on behalf of respective researchers.

  • This dissemination will be focused on the generation of presentations and publications in scientific conferences or journals and technical magazines.
    Papers in specialized international journals and magazines, especially the ones which emphasize software engineering, testing, service platforms, distributed systems and service oriented architectures as a key subject.
  • Presentations at international conferences and exhibitions, both scientific, technical and end user focused events.

The dissemination activities of the project will take therefore into account both the technological and economic objectives. In particular, the dissemination activities will aim to:

  • promote the scientific and technological results,
  • strengthen the collaboration with other R&D initiatives in order to share and disseminate the testing methodologies, reduce the risks and optimize the use of resources,
  • make aware the scientific communities and the industrial stakeholder about testing issues, in terms of present costs and future opportunities,
  • provide the stakeholders with information and demonstrations about the MIDAS framework, its functionalities, its applications and its potentiality