Newsletter #7

Dear Reader,

Welcome to our seventh MIDAS Newsletter!

The latest quaterly we have delivered two new versions of the MIDAS Platform, v0.3 and v0.4 which are aligned to the third and fourth milestones in the Integration Plan. The business cases of both Pilots, in healthcare and logistics domains, have been defined and aligned to the milestones plan. Training sessions have been developed and pilots systems have been used by technical members.

The main results will be presented in the 2nd periodic Review which will take place in Pisa on 22nd October. In this seventh Newsletter you will read about:

  • New MIDAS Releases
  • Specifications and adaptation of the selected Pilot systems for the MIDAS platform
  • Periodic Dissemination and Collaboration Report
  • Next MIDAS Increment
  • A related project: SUCRE
  • Project meetings
  • Release of D3.4, D3.5 and D3.6
  • Participation in the final SUCRE workshop about Cloud Computing
  • Publications & Conferences
  • D4.3/4/5 SOA automated test execution prototypes Unified deliverable
  • National Research Council Partner

Enjoy your reading!

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