Why MIDAS is good for you?

Developers of SOA testing methods and tools

Developers and researchers will have access to a MIDAS Platform as a Service that allows deploying on the MIDAS SaaS innovative testing methods and tools in a controlled manner. MIDAS project aims to build a strong community of testing tool developers beyond the MIDAS partners.


The MIDAS project defines and evaluates business models for providing and distributing accessible, affordable, automated SOA testing facilities through innovative channels such as SaaS, that allow actors such as SME, traditionally outside the SOA testing market, to enter. SMEs could play a very important role in European economy by accessing to this kind of innovations.

If we are in contact with SOA testing enterprises we can ensure we are solving a real problem so that project outcomes will be more easily taken into production.

Specific domain enterprises

The MIDAS project also aims at defining and evaluating business models for delivering SOA-based applications with their related test environments. The MIDAS project will provide feedbacks about two sectors very important in the European economy (Healthcare and Supply Chain Management). If we develop successful pilots in these sectors, we can ensure that the project results are good enough to solve real problems and can be taken into production.

Large enterprises    

The potential users of the MIDAS SAAS are all the actors of the Internet of Services: users, providers (including SOA platform providers) and developers of services architectures. In particular large enterprises in domains such as telecom, nuclear, defense, transportation have enormous testing needs in order to develop and deploy dependable and secure critical distributed software.

Early adopters    

  • Projects/research initiatives that are working in a similar or complementary topic, which may provide feedback to the MIDAS project, and use its results.
  • Agents that can be interested in the MIDAS results.

We want to involve external potential users or customers when the product is under development, because we believe they can give us a valuable feedback to take corrective actions during the development in order to create a better prototype.

Public administrations 

The MIDAS SaaS could lower the integration, testing and maintenance costs of distributed and heterogeneous systems such as ones for managing healthcare, social and environmental policies.
In some specific domains, i.e. logistics / dangerous goods transportation, there are regulations at local, regional and national level. They may be involved to automatically generate tests that reduces bureaucracy.


MIDAS is an innovative project addressing topics relevant for the research community, so feedback concenring the project’s approaches, the use, the improvement and the realization of innovative and/or standards testing tools, will be crucial for its success. We want to validate our research at international academic events.

Standardization bodies    

To establish international standards in different topics. We commit to use current standards, and to work within standardization bodies in order to integrate the appropriate results of the MIDAS project into the evolution of the aforementioned standard specifications..


With the spreading of the digital economy on the Internet of Services and Things that will involve all aspects of the citizens’ everyday lives, the dependability and security of services and services architecture will become a must. We will raise the awareness of the policy makers and evaluate the need or opportunity of specific regulations concerning testability and testing.

General public    

In relationship with the point above, some actions in order to sensitize the general public (citizens, patients, consumers…) about the dependability and security of the digital economy will be designed and planned.

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