Newsletter #5

Dear Reader,

Welcome to our fifth MIDAS Newsletter!

The latest quaterly we have been focused on running the Integration Plan and the first two versions of MIDAS facility have been released. At the same point Pilots have been defined  at early stage and a complete roadmap of actions is planned and aligned with the milestones of MIDAS according to the Integration Plan.

In this fifth Newsletter you will read about:

  • Automated test generation: specification refinement and preliminary mockup
  • The Pilots for the MIDAS platform validation: preliminary study
  • Libraries for SOA automated test execution
  • Next MIDAS Increment
  • A related project
  • Project meetings
  • Intelligent planning and scheduling: specifications refinement and early mockup
  • Specification and design of the basic MIDAS platform as a service on the Cloud
  • Publications and Conferences
  • ITA Partner

Enjoy your reading!

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