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T6ECO is a SMEs carrying out consulting and research activities with extensive experience in participating in and co-ordinating national and international research and innovation projects. The T6ECO mission is to study the development of the Information Society as well as promoting studies and innovative projects through the use of information and communication technologies for a sustainable and durable development of territories, companies, clusters and research actors.

T6ECO provides strategic consultancy to Public Administrations and private enterprises (especially SMEs) regarding innovation of process, use of ICT technologies and knowledge transfer. Thesocio-economic research sector plans, coordinates and deploys research activities using both qualitative (ethnography, in-depth interviews, focus groups, Delphi, etc.) and quantitative (longitudinal survey, multivariate analysis, social network analysis, etc.) techniques. In the last years analysis of social networks, online communities and research domains (within and outside the eInfrastructure sector) have been carried out in projects such as DBE, OPAALS, SEQUOIA, ERINA+ and ERINA4Africa.

Email: a.nicolai@t-6.it

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