Newsletter #2

Dear Reader,

Welcome to our second MIDAS Newsletter!

After 9 months of working MIDAS has released its first deliverables:

  • D2.1 Requirements for automatically testable services and services architectures
  • D6.1 Analysis of required functionalities and available public cloud services
  • D8.1 MIDAS impact assessment plan

The consortium is working as a team and periodic audioconferences and face-to-face meetings have been organized in order to achieve a general consensus about MIDAS requirements, functionalities and architecture in a cloud environment.

In this second Newsletter you will read about:

  • The importance of SOA testing.
  • MIDAS presence in events and conferences.
  • The relationship between MIDAS and available public cloud services.
  • The release of the first dissemination materials, the poster and the brochure.
  • And the MIDAS impact assessment plan.

We encourage you to join us and bécame a member in the MIDAS Community.

Enjoy your reading!

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