Newsletter #9

Dear Reader,

Welcome to our ninth MIDAS Newsletter!

During the last year of the project lifetime, the Consortium decided that, in order to successfully complete the planned activities and to achieve the expected results, a project extension of 2 months with respect to the approved work plan was necessary. The amendment was approved and MIDAS Project will end in October 2015. For this reason newsletters #9 and #10 will be delayed to May and September 2015.

In this ninth Newsletter you will read about:

  • Release of D6.4 (MIDAS Platform as a service – prototype alpha), D7.2 (Healthcare services pilot – building the specific test framework and carrying out the test campaign) and D7.3 (Supply Chain Management pilot – making testable the architecture)
  • Poster @ Petri Net 2015
  • A related project: InGeoCloudS
  • Project meetings
  • International Summer School on Intensive Automated Testing of Service Oriented Architectures
  • A related event: 10th Workshop on System Testing and Validation
  • Spanish Software Testing Innovation Alliance
  • TesteA: Learning by Testing
  • SINTESIO Foundation Partner

Enjoy your reading!

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