D4.2 Libraries for SOA automated test execution

This document ‘Libraries for SOA automated test execution’ is part of Work Package 4 ‘SOA automated test execution environment’. It describes the libraries required for functional, interaction and fault tolerance testing, for security testing and generic test components for usage-based testing. This deliverable describes the libraries themselves as well as their integration with the TTCN-3 test execution environment, i.e. Testing Technologies’ TTworkbench as described by the preceding Deliverable 5.1.

Impact of development environment on execution environment

Figure depicts the impact of these libraries and components. It shows how the execution environment is extended. The extensions comprise on one hand external functions of the TTCN-3 test execution environment that realize the link to the fuzzing library as well as to the scheduler and the arbiter. On the other hand, TTCN-3 components are generated from test models and compiled to a TTNC-3 executable that calls the previously mentioned external functions and that drives the communication between the test execution environment and the service under test using codecs and the system adapter.

This deliverable describes in Section 2 generic test components and patterns and their representation in TTCN-3 code.  Section 3 describes the fuzzing library and their integration with the execution environment using external functions. Usage-based testing does not require libraries and components beyond the ones introduced for functional and security testing.

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