Fraunhofer Institute for Open Communication Systems

The Fraunhofer Institute for Open Communication Systems FOKUS is researching and developing demand-orientated solutions for partners in industry, research and public administration in the fields of:

  • communication technologies and services and their interoperability
  • architectures and protocols of future communication networks and platforms
  • interactive technologies for individual and community applications
  • integration of processes and IT systems in eGovernment
  • methods for automating and optimizing software and system development in the fields of telecommunication and automotive engineering
  • measuring and testing of distributed telecommunication and software systems

Fraunhofer FOKUS supports innovative processes from the original concept to the (pre)product in companies and institutions – amongst others in the fields of telecommunication, automotive engineering, eGovernment and software development. Solutions developed by FOKUS and its partners are tried out, tested and demonstrated in laboratories.
With an expertise of more than 20 years, Fraunhofer FOKUS sees itself as a link between university research on the one hand and industry and public administration on the other.
The Competence Center “Modeling and Testing for System and Service Solutions” (MOTION) provides processes, methods and tools to enable a continuous end-to-end approach in the development of software systems and services from design models through testing to operation. MOTION thereby focuses on two major directions: development methodologies combined with infrastructures for integrated, tool-supported development and testing, as well as new middleware technologies and architectures to capture adaptiveness, autonomy and self-configuration.

The Competence Center MOTION is developing general and domain-specific test solutions for

  • functional tests, conformance tests, interoperability tests,
  • component tests, integration tests, system tests, acceptance tests, as well as for
  • load tests and scalability tests.

MOTION is developing techniques and tools for efficient test design, test derivation, test specification, test implementation, local and distributed test execution and result analysis. The techniques and test development tools are used to develop advanced test suites for selected target systems in various domains such as telecommunication and automotive. Specifically, MOTION covers the complete test life cycle from test design to test specification, implementation, execution and result analysis. A test laboratory is used to perform test campaigns with varying test devices and test platforms in order to have the best test access to the tested systems. MOTION particularly focuses on the integration of test and system life cycle in order to reduce the efforts spent on test development. Efficient tools have been developed allowing reuse of the information and data from system development for the derivation of tests.

Fraunhofer FOKUS develops the Open Source Fuzzing Library Fuzzino that is published as Open Source under the Apache License 2.0 at GitHub Fuzzino will be improved with the results from the MIDAS project.

FOKUS Office – Head of Institute – Kaiserin-Augusta-Allee 31 10589 Berlin  (GERMANY)
Axel Rennoch
Tel: +49-30-3463-7201 – Fax: +49-30-3463-8000

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