Newsletter #4

Dear Reader,

Welcome to our fourth MIDAS Newsletter!

On October the 22nd, the first annual review was taken in the EU Commission in Brussels. The MIDAS Consortium showed the results achieved in the first year and we have received a valuable feedback to improve the expected results for the second year.

The first task after this review was to nomínate a technical leader and a MIDAS Integration Plan has been released. Because of this distributed nature of the system, the integration of the modules is a challenge, but also vital for the success of MIDAS. Good collaboration with the pilots is vital for the technical integration, in order to ensure that the developed platform matches the needs of the pilots and that the pilots know what they can expect of the developed platform.

For this reason the work has been focused on the integration of TMC and UMC and on the definition of a complete integration plan which includes a list of milestones and future MIDAS releases.

In this fourth Newsletter you will read about:

  • Platform Integration Plan
  • Collaboration with Pilots
  • Start up of the Pilot  Activities
  • Next MIDAS Increment
  • MIDAS Technical Leader
  • Publications and Conferences
  • FOKUS Partner

Enjoy your reading!

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