D9.4 Periodic Dissemination and Collaboration Report, published

This report summarizes the dissemination, standardization and collaboration activities carried out by the MIDAS project in the September 2013–August 2014 period. Additionally we evaluate the process and results in this second year and we define future work for the last period.

In this second period MIDAS has been represented in 17 events and conferences (25 in total from the beginning of the project), a scientific papers hasve been published in the context of MIDAS (3 in total) and 8 deliverables have been created as public and are available for download (17 in total) and the first press article has been achieved. New dissemination key performance indicators have been created in order to effectively evaluate how dissemination activities are contributing to the expected result.

The standardization activities in the 2nd year has been mainly devoted to two areas, namely: i) Contribution to the OMG UTP 2.0 standard and; ii) Standardization on TTCN-3. MIDAS has participated in OMG and ETSI standardization bodies, being active in more than 12 testing standards. Contacts with 5 European projects have been developed in order to use MIDAS as a testing platform.

MIDAS has been disseminated to more than 30 potential early adopters, including public administrators, SOA test method developers, SMEs and large corporations. Collaboration with these entities is expected during the last period.

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