Collaboration with other European projects or associations

MIDAS is a project funded by the European Framework Program 7, and we would like to explore ways to work together to seek synergy with the activities taking place in other European projects.

To accomplish this task in the context of dissemination, we will explore and analyze the set of European projects that are running and whose activities are related to MIDAS. This analysis will take into account the national and European projects where the MIDAS partners are already involved in. We will then carefully analyze the projects related to the objective 1.2 “Software Engineering, Services and Cloud Computing” of the ICT Challenge 1, started under the calls 8 and 10. In addition, we will analyze the working groups, associations, and technology platforms that are related to the project theme.

Once this analysis has been performed, we will contact the project leaders to discuss ways of collaboration with the goal to improve the results of the projects through collaborations.

This analysis will allow also to define a contacts matrix, that will include for each initiative the potential target audience of the dissemination activities. In the next two sections we report a preliminary list of projects and associations that have already been identified as suitable to establish collaboration with.

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