Expected results

The MIDAS Facility

An integrated framework for SOA testing automation that will be available as a Software as a Service (SaaS) on a Cloud infrastructure and that spans all the testing activities: test generation, execution, evaluation and scheduling, on the functional, interaction, fault tolerance, security and usage-based testing aspects.

Validation in practice

MIDAS will be applied in practice in two pilots: healthcare and supply chain management. We will also study and evaluate:

  • The economic impacts of the inadequate infrastructure for SOA testing.
  • The improvements in terms of dependability and security of the digital economy, coming from the availability of powerful and productive tools and infrastructures for SOA testing.
  • The evolution of the market of tools and infrastructures for SOA testing.

The MIDAS community

The meeting point for Developers of SOA testing methods and tools, specific domain enterprises, public administrations, academics, standardization bodies and policymakers in order to improve SOA testing.