Newsletter #10

Dear Reader,

Welcome to our tenth MIDAS Newsletter!

The Project comes to its end and main results are going to be shown in practice. The EU SHIP project, its Software Testing Innovation Alliance and the MIDAS EU project announce the creation of the European Software Testing Innovation Alliance or EuroSTIA for short. We believe that the MIDAS contribution to the bootstrap of EuroSTIA is the most valuable result that guarantees the promotion of new innovation testing methods and technologies to be applied into European SMEs in practice.

In this tenth Newsletter you will read about:

  • Release of D3.7 Final assessment of the component prototypes for the model-driven automated generation of functional testing
  • The promotion of EuroSTIA – European Software Testing Innovation Alliance
  • Release of D4.6 Final assessment of the components prototypes for the SOA automated test execution environment
  • The meeting of the Spanish Alliance for Innovation in Software Testing in Zaragoza
  • The new MIDAS Videos section in the website
  • Release of D5.6 Final assessment of the components prototypes for the intelligent planning and scheduling of test cases
  • Release of D7.5 Supply Chain Management pilot – final prototype
  • Release of D9.5 Report on the impact of the MIDAS testing framework on test standards development
  • Release of D9.6 Dissemination and collaboration periodic Report
  • UGOE Partner

Enjoy your reading!

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