Newsletter #1

Dear Reader,

We are pleased to introduce you the first MIDAS Newsletter!

MIDAS (Model and Inference Driven of Automated testing of Services architectures) is a Project  funded by the European Community under the FP7 Programme (Project Number 318786).
MIDAS is led by a group of partners who have years of experience both as offering research services to the industry. With MIDAS, we want to make it easier for companies to benefit from SOA testing.

This newsletter will be published quaterly and will resume news, events and results of the Project. In every number a partner will be shown in detail, and the reader will know more about testing and other initiatives related to MIDAS Project.

In this first Newsletter you will read about:

  • The problem statement, objectives and approach.
  • Expected results and impact.
  • The MIDAS Consortium and Community.
  • Our initial efforts towards our objectives and the first deliverable.

We encourage you to join us and become a member in the MIDAS Community.

Enjoy your reading!

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