D6.5 MIDAS Platform as a service – Final prototype with evaluation of pilots, has been delivered

The final prototype of the MIDAS Platform as a service is the final release of the
complete MIDAS Platform. As stated in the DoW, it includes specific support for the
integrated test execution macro-component and specific support for the execution of
MIDAS pilots.

The released prototype is a Cloud-based platform accessible with credentials. However, a version that can be deployed on a local machine is provided for
verification purposes, without the need to rely on Cloud resources.

This document is provided in addition to the released prototype with the goal to give
a high-level description of all the components included in the complete MIDAS
Platform as well as an overview of their deployment on the Cloud-based underlying
infrastructure. In addition, a more detailed description of the included MIDAS services
is provided in order to highlight the features of the current release.

Finally, the examples used to carry out testing activities with the final prototype of
the MIDAS Platform are described in this document and included in the release. The
examples are the result of an intensive activity carried out with the MIDAS end-users
i.e. the users of the pilot applications, and they have been utilized to validate the
correct functioning of the MIDAS services.