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The special section on the project results is now published in Volume 19, Issue 3 of the International Journal on Software Tools and Technology Transfer. Introduction Model-based testing as a service  Steffen Herbold, Andreas Hoffmann Pages 271-279 Download PDF (982KB)

New paper published in the International Journal on Software Tools for Technology Transfer See more In this paper, we present the experience in the usage of MIDAS, an integrated framework for Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) testing automation that is available

MIDAS Final review took place in Brussels on December 11th.

MIDAS partners joined at Brussels in order to prepare the Final Project Review. ç We would like to thank the Spanish Permanent Representation at UE and the Government of Aragon for their support in the organization of this meeting and

Testing activities are closely linked to the challenges that companies currently face: flexible reaction to changes on the market and customer side, fast introduction of new products through optimized “time-to-market”, and greater efficiency in delivering services. The MIDAS SaaS approach

The final prototype of the MIDAS Platform as a service is the final release of the complete MIDAS Platform. As stated in the DoW, it includes specific support for the integrated test execution macro-component and specific support for the execution

This deliverable describes the final Healthcare prototype defined during the task T7.2, that is the creation of a specific test framework for the Healthcare pilot based on the HSSP service specifications. This report provides documentation about the finalization of the modeling artifacts documented in previous deliverables. It shows how those models have been used in an iterative and agile cycle of development and refinement activities in order to validate the MIDAS platform components. Significant amount of feedback is provided in order to assess the remaining open issues that need afterthoughts and analysis in order to promote the current MIDAS platform resulting from this project from a promising software to an excellent tool for testing Service Oriented Architectures.

Newsletter #10 has been published. The Project comes to its end and main results are going to be shown in practice. The EU SHIP project, its Software Testing Innovation Alliance and the MIDAS EU project announce the creation of the

The aim of deliverable 8.4 is to conclude the work done during the three years of MIDAS project by presenting MIDAS socio-economic impacts.  Chapter 1 describes the project and defines the purpose and the structure of the document. Chapter 2

The EU SHIP project, its Software Testing Innovation Alliance and the MIDAS EU project announce the creation of the European Software Testing Innovation Alliance or EuroSTIA for short. The objective of this EuroAlliance is to bring together key actors in