National Demonstrator Center


A public space in which ICT companies may show technology to improve productivity and competitiveness.
The Logistics Public Demonstrator Center located in the Aragon Institute of Technology facilities, in Zaragoza, arises from an agreement between the public company, Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism, and Aragon Institute of Technology which depends on the Department of Industry and Innovation of the Government of Aragon. It’s a public space in which ICT companies may show, in a practical, technological products and services aimed at improving productivity and competitiveness.


We are a meeting place for ICT providers and Logistics companies demanding solutions that increase productivity and competitiveness of their products and processes. We will be a reference to the widespread use of ICTs in Logistics mainly through consulting and technology training.

A meeting point between innovation and business needs.


Key objectives of a public demonstrator center include the following:

  • Promote the creation of meeting places between the supply of ICT sector and the potential demand for logistics companies.
  • To spread the benefits of incorporating ICT in production processes between companies in the logistics sector.
  • Facilitate the transfer of technology, specialized services and knowledge between the ICT and logistics companies.
  • To advise, train and give technology education to companies.
  • Find the way for testing and innovation of technologies, platforms, products, services, business models, processes, methodologies, etc. in order to serve companies needs.


The Public Demonstrator Center of ICT for the logistics sector will be composed of several modules that facilitate the improvement of productivity and competitiveness of Logistics and ICT development companies focused on logistics activities.The following image depicts the set of modules to integrate into the data center.

For detailed info about the National Demonstrator Center, please, visit the website.