– Warehouse logistics


Technology could help to manage warehouses and distribution centers efficiently, but each warehouse needs its own roadmap (one size does not fit them all).

Warehouse logistics involves all movements of goods and information within warehouses and distribution centers. It includes activities like receiving, storage, order-picking, accumulation, sorting and shipping.

Several recent trends, both in manufacturing and distribution, have made the warehouse logistics become more and more important and complex.

Efficiency in Supply Chain Management is mostly determined by the competence in operations management in the distribution centers.

From a technological point of view, the maturity from a warehouse has several steps. We help companies to identify their actual position and to improve, step by step, the efficiency in the process management.

Our expertise

Some warehouse operation problems we deal with are:

  • Workforce forecasting and planning.
  • Storage location assignment.
  • Inbound and outbound truck scheduling.
  • Order – Truck – Dock assignment.
  • Routing and sequencing of order picking tours.
  • Slotting (storage assignment optimization).

We generate integrated solutions for these problems. These solutions can be integrated in the management systems.

How we do it

We analyse the information to extract the main characteristic data, main material movements in the DC.

The simulation includes the physical layout model and the most important rules of behavior from the resources used in the facility.

We can test the solution in warehouse layout with simulation tools to evaluate the economical impact of our solutions.

Companies like Group Carrefour, Opel España, Carreras distribución and Saica Paper have improved the efficiency on their warehouses with us.

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