Aragon Institute of Technology


The Aragon Institute of Technology (ITA) is responsible to the Department of Industry and Innovation of the Government of Aragon. Its objective is the promotion of research, development and innovation (R+D+i) in the business sector, acting as a catalyst for productivity and competitiveness.

Since it was established in 1984, ITA has made a significant contribution to society in all the sectors in which it has worked. It has over the years adapted itself to the fluctuating conditions of supply and demand with the aim of making more effective use of the economic resources of Aragon by means of R+D+i. On the one hand, the ITA generates knowledge in its role of technological development while on the other it collaborates with the business community in applying this knowledge adapted to innovation needs, ranging from raising awareness, dissemination, training and undertaking R+D+I projects to providing added value technology services.

The ITA has two centres, one at the Río Ebro campus in Zaragoza (María de Luna, nº 7), and the other at the Walqa Technology Park in Huesca (R+D+i building) where the Audiovisual ICT work is developed.


ITA features as a key element in the innovation policy of the Government of Aragon, having as its aim the fostering of competitiveness in business and supporting the creation of new sectors through the generation, training, adaptation, transfer and diffusion of innovative technologies within a framework of collaboration with other organisations.


ITA seeks to be the technology reference point for the industrial and service sectors, and a key player in the technology policy of Aragon.


  • To offer technology services to industry, for the development of new products and processes as well as in the implementation of advanced technologies, encouraging ongoing renovation of companies in this area.
  • To identify and meet the innovation requirements of the various productive sectors, with particular reference to small and medium sized businesses.
  • To provide consultancy services in relation to technology matters or innovation management that will improve business productivity.
  • To provide calibration and testing services for equipment and apparatus, contributing to the quality guarantee of products and services offered by business.
  • To disseminate the strategy of technology renewal, assisting in updating the technical capacities of business personnel and the specialisation in new technologies by means of technical and occupational training schemes.
  • Encouraging the participation of businesses in national and international renewal programs, providing technical back-up for the presentation of projects and where appropriate in their execution.
  • To foster the optimisation of the technology resources of Aragon by making use of services and equipment available in other institutions and companies, and encouraging the maximum possible integration and coordination of technical services.
  • To put technology development and research at the service of public administration bodies, especially in those fields with future economic, social, territorial and environmental challenges.