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Simulation is essentially a dynamic modeling software tool. Properly used, it would provide significant added value and multiple benefits to the user.
Operating a Distribution Center (DC) or a warehouse requires the analysis of high quantity of information and a lot of decision making; what type of equipment should be chosen, which products should be assigned to which storage locations, storage and picking strategies, level of automation… Many decisions must be made. They are challenging decisions due to their complexity and their high impact on the centre performance, in terms of both its throughput and the operation costs.

Process simulation allows you to integrate all these elements on a simulation model and experiment new scenarios to evaluate the profits.

Our expertise

This product has been designed to solve the specific problems of distribution centers using process simulation techniques:

  • Simulation of changes in storage layout.
  • Changes in the assignment of resources.
  • Modification in inbound or outbound scheduling.
  • Evaluation of automating processes.
  • Different storage and/or picking strategies.


How we do it

ITA collaborates with the company to get the information and validate the model results.

Data collection could be an extremely time consuming process. ITA has an automated methodology for data collection and calculation developed on previous experiences. The main data files are: Order history, stock, layout, data master…

Our solution is an iterative analysis. From the collected information and the appropriate hypothesis, in a short time you can get results that directly impact on operational costs. In the following steps the model detail and accuracy could increase. As a consecuence of that, quantity and quality of the required data would also increase.

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