Activity fields


Logistics is the process of planning, implementing and efficiently control the flow of raw materials, work in progress, finished goods and its related information from the origin step to the consumption step in order to meet customer requirements ( “The Council of Logistics Management”).

Currently, some of the main problems in the field of logistics are focused on:

  • Develop new sustainable supply chains to optimize processes and identify new distribution strategies.
  • Increase collaboration between staff of the supply chain in order to facilitate the exchange of updated information to ensure traceability of operations.
  • Build new more eco-efficient transportation strategies and the development of intermodal using intelligent transport systems.
  • Improve urban mobility management and distribution of goods management in the last mile.

The application of ICT

Many of these problems can be solved by applying intensive technologies in the ICT (Information Technology and Communication), combining a multidisciplinary software engineering, communications and electronics in its application to process engineering and Operational research in the field of logistics, which are useful for:

  • Develop efficient logistics processes logistics centers, production centers and transportation hubs.
  • Solve problems related to global distribution networks: location, integration, traceability and routes.
  • Develop integrated systems such as Intelligent Transportation Systems, support systems for distribution in the last mile, service platforms in the supply chain, etc.
  • Issues of other sectors outside the logistics can be resolved with ICT.

Results obtained with this product use one or more of the technologies referred in the different phases of the project. The results that are provided to companies could be classify in three types:

  • Technical reports related to the improvements observed in the processes.
  • Model (or prototypes) of tools for process analysis.
  • Composite Systems in the form of prototypes, electronic or computer systems that support improvement on the efficiency of logistics processes.