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Brochure Distribution Center Task Scheduling System

This tool provides the ability to schedule operational resources according to the operational flow in a distribution center in specified time intervals. The tool is an aid to the scheduler to assign resources to tasks and work shifts.

Schedule operational resources according to the operational flow in a distribution center.

How it works

Although the structure of the tasks is similar in distribution centers (receiving, storage, replenishment, picking…) each distribution center execute these task in different ways, considering different data and different technologies.


The main inputs of the system are:

  • Process Map.
  • Workload information.
  • Available resources.
  • Historic data.

The Scheduling system takes into account the dynamic of the material flow inside the distribution center and the information available from management system. A combination of technologies developed by ITA is applied. The system includes an optimization engine, forecasting techniques and workload estimation procedures.


The scheduling system allows evaluating the hourly task assignment. The planner can easily identify the saturation peaks and valleys in the scheduled plan.

The planner could also change the parameters (number or resources, shift timetable…) and evaluate the new scenarios.


  • Identification of the workload in the short term with an online tool.
  • Detect problems of resource assignment according to the workload (overflow / underflow).
  • Evaluate new plans for effective response to critical workloads.
  • Evaluation of workload assignment in previous days to learn about the problems and identify new solutions.

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