– Advanced planning and scheduling


The Advanced Planning Scheduling (APS) focuses on designing effective strategies for coordinating the available resources to improve the efficiency of the logistics network.

It allows the company to adapt resources and processes to the volatile behavior of the supply chain, with flexibility and synchronized with the demand of the final customer.

Scheduling is based on information, anticipation, flexibility and efficient use of resources.
Our expertise

ITA has developed projects of resource planning and forecasting for the network of distribution centers of Carrefour Group in Spain and France.

ITA is also developing advanced planning systems for some of the main distribution centers located in PLAZA.

In addition, ITA has a research group working on the development of new algorithms to make the scheduling system faster and easier. It has published the results of some of these projects in different congresses and scientific journals.

How we do it

ITA analyzes Information management systems to determine the main sources of data that could contribute to design an effective scheduling.

Once the information is distributed in different points, ITA designs with the company the best IT platform to integrate the data.

In order to reduce the uncertainty in future actions, ITA incorporates advanced techniques of time series forecasting to anticipate workloads to improve the performance of the scheduling process.

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