– Intra-logistics diagnosis


By the diagnosis of intra-logistic processes our analysts highlight and prioritize saving opportunities and identify optimal solutions.
When you don’t know where to start and investment funds are limited, let us point you in the right direction. Your company needs a comprehensive assessment of the actual state of your internal logistic processes to detect and prioritize improvement areas and schedule their associated actions.

We help you to crystallize the starting points for deeper studies, and maintain a list of measures and recommendations for the next steps.

Why outsource to experts a quick logistic diagnosis?

  • The internal human capital resources available to detect improvements in internal logistic processes are limited:
    • Only 3% of the employees of companies in the logistic sector are oriented to process improvement graduates (*).
    • More than half of the logistics companies have less than 10 employees and companies with more than 50 employees do not reach 4% (*).
      The redesign of internal logistic flows and inventory reduction can increase profitability by 15% to 25%.
  • External experts are not influenced by daily pressure management and have:
    • Extensive technology and ICT know-how.
    • Expertise in the solution of logistic challenges: fast, current, and forward-looking assessment of “as-is” situation.
  • In actual industry, there is a great potential for saving opportunities in internal logistic processes:
    • Logistics costs are 11 % of sales costs (**).
    • Almost 60% of companies have costs that represent 80% of turnover (*).
    • In a standard European warehouse, 3000 hours are lost annually due to inefficient processes (***).

Diagnosis methodology

We will evaluate and streamline your internal logistical processes through a structured diagnosis methodology:

  • Information collection with responsibles for the processes involved in the project.
  • Qualitative analysis: Detailed description of the processes, detection of improvements comparing with sectorial best practices and DAFO analysis.
  • Quantitative analysis: KPIs current values and detection of improvements comparing with sectorial best KPIs.
  • Finally, our experienced cross-functional analysts will help you to:
    • Identify, assess, and prioritize savings opportunities in such areas as the product flow and information through your logistical internal operations management processes.
    • Calculate the impact of the proposed improvements in your internal logistic chain.

For all, we offer small and medium-sized enterprises to obtain important benefits from the know-how of our experienced analysts who have worked in solutions for manyindustries. You can completely rely on our leading professional competence as well as their extensive branch, process, and practical experience.

(*) Spanish Logistics Observatory, 2011.

(**) GlobaLog project.

(***)Intermec study, carried out by the firm Vanson Bourne.