ITA Head Office

ITA has two locations, where more than 200 people work, one in the Río Ebro Campus, in Zaragoza, and the other one in the Walqa Technology Park, in Huesca. The head office is situated in Zaragoza (María de Luna, nº7), and it’s visible from the AP- 2, the highway which links Barcelona and Madrid. That strategic situation have contributed to the construction, in our facilities, of two ICTs demonstration centers, one applied to Multimedia (Huesca) and another applied to Logistics (Zaragoza), both with national recognition in these sectors.

In Zaragoza, ITA’s infrastucture is composed by four buildings:

  • ITA 1-2-4. These buildings contain the activity related to tests (EMC, CE marking, electrical, mechanical…) and calibration works. Its two towers for elevator tests are representative.
  • ITA 3. This building, situated in front of the others, contains different areas and divisions of ITA: Organization, capacitation, business, marketing and technology. It also contains an auditorium with a capacity for 220 people. Next to this building it is located the Logistics National Demonstrator Center.

In Huesca, ITA’s office is located in the Walqa Technology Park, in the R+D+i building which belongs to the Industry and Innovation Department of the Aragon Goverment and it allocates the ICTs Demonstration Center for Multimedia.

ITA_Auditorio ITA_Nave ITA_Walqa