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It is a computation tool to analyze data series and to obtain forecasts from historical data. ITALOG-Forecasting is useful to:

ITALOG-Forecasting is a powerful tool to improve data-based decisions.

  • Process big amount of data.
  • Make statistical analysis.
  • Model a big number of data sets.
  • Make estimates.
  • Make method benchmarking.
  • Measure the error of estimates with different metrics.
  • Select the best forecast data basing on indicators.

Our expertise

Our expertise covers forecasting and multiple variable analysis with the following scope:

  • Different industries: Distribution, automotive, food…
  • Different methods: Dynamic Regresssion, ARIMA, neural networks, decomposition techniques…
  • Management of hundreds of variables.
  • Annual, monthly, daily and hourly forecasts.
  • Different forecasting horizons

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