Smart logistics


Services to the industry to build a new logistics in the information management and collaboration between different actors in the supply chain more effective and efficient, more environmentally friendly and which can generate new processes and services with high added value.

Our Services

  • Logistics Public Demonstration Center

A PDC (Public Demonstrator Center) is a public space in which ICT companies concerned may show the potential users of technology companies, in a practical, technology products and services aimed at improving productivity and competitiveness. Additionally, it provides a meeting point between innovation and business needs.

  • Simulation and optimization of logistic processes.

Virtual or model representation of the processes for the quantitative evaluation of different scenarios. Analysis of future scenarios or improvement of existing processes.

Design of highly efficient processes through mathematical modeling of production and logistical problems and subsequent resolution by analytical techniques, heuristics and / or metaheuristics.

  • Design of logistic networks.

Simulation and optimization of logistics networks for evaluating different network scenarios, assessing the costs and service levels achieved both strategic (location of stores, flow analysis, transport strategy, etc.) and at the tactical level (freight distribution routes in urban and interurban routes drag, etc).

  • Technology planning and forecasting processes demand.

The uncertainty of future events is critical for process management. Through the use of information and technology we could develop solutions to improve the planning of activities with elements such as time series analysis, advanced inventory management, sequencing tasks, etc.

  • Design and development of integrated systems for the supply chain.

Integration of electronics (sensors, embedded systems and mobile), software engineering and communications infrastructure for the creation of general purpose systems that create new compounds from existing solutions. The target is to implement technological solutions for logistical problems along entire supply chain. Examples of these new composite systems can be electronic devices, wireless sensor networks, service integration platforms, libraries for the application of software engineering in the development of distributed systems and communications infrastructures in heterogeneous indoor and outdoor space.