Smart point of sale

The main purpose of this facility is to show the capabilities of several ICT solutions in the field of direct sales to consumers.

  • Technologies for the identification and collection of products with unique customer support: target small businesses vs. large supermarkets.
  • Innovative technologies at the point of sale pursuing more efficient logistics and procurement process more user friendly.
  • Technologies for real-time information about the existing stock of each product on the shelf.
  • Technologies to replace product according to claim efficiently.


  • Point of Sale Terminal and automatic billing system.
  • Smart shelving for automatic inventory control.

Automatic identification system integrated with conventional POS

_ACP4209Aims conducting demonstrations of product movements and traceability within a store environment. It consists of a point of sale terminal, similar to those used in supermarkets, in which the user can identify and weigh the products being purchased at the store.
It includes the integration of a product identification solution formed by a bar code reader and a scale.

Smart Shelving for Automatic Inventory Control

tienda_sensoresThe smart point of sale solution will be capable of performing real-time control of stock in the product shelves. The solution consists of three linear shelves each controlled by a sensing technology: UHF RFID, vision and sensors (weight cells, inductive, capacitive and optical).
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