The center

FotoCentroDemoThe Public Demonstration Center ICT for logistics sector is located in a building next to the ITA (Aragon Institute of Technology) in the Campus Ebro River comprising most of the centers and technical institutes in the region. The situation also encourages the creation of spaces for meetings between suppliers the ICT sector and the potential demand for logistics companies.
One of the objectives from the Government of Aragón, is to contribute to the development of companies in the sector and information technology communications, as well as strengthening the logistics sector, supporting performances to the promotion and dissemination of information technologies and communications that serve as support to this sector., is a public company under the Ministry of Industry, within the Network and Business Program to help strengthen the ICT industry, launched the initiative to create Demonstrators Centers as part of the Development Avanza2 Plan, which aims to support companies that develop new products and services with a high ICT. Based on these common interests, contacted the Government of Aragón in our community to create a public ICT Demonstrator.

Concept of Public Demonstrator Centre ICT for logistics

The Public Demonstrator Center is a public space in which interested ICT companies may demonstrate how their technology products and services can help to create innovative solutions, and improve the productivity and competitiveness in the field of logistics.

Additionally, the demonstrator center will serve as a meeting point between innovation and business needs.


The mission of the Public Demonstration Center is being the connection between ICT companies and technology suppliers of Logistics companies demanding solutions that increase the productivity and competitiveness of their products and processes.


The vision is being a reference in promoting and spreading the use of ICT in the logistics sector mainly through consulting, training and technology.


Main objectives of the Public Demonstration Center are:

  • Promote the creation of meeting spaces between suppliers in the ICT sector and the potential demand for logistics companies.
  • Disseminate the benefits of incorporating ICT into production processes between companies in the logistics sector.
  • Facilitate the transfer of technology, specialized services and knowledge between the ICT sector and logistics companies.
  • Advisory, train and develop technology companies.
  • Provide the needed infrastructure for testing the innovation technologies to the logistic companies.