EuroSTIA – European Software Testing Innovation Alliance


The EU SHIP project, its Software Testing Innovation Alliance and the MIDAS EU project announce the creation of the European Software Testing Innovation Alliance or EuroSTIA for short.

The objective of this EuroAlliance is to bring together key actors in Europe on software testing in order to work together to improve innovation support and technology transfer from universities to companies in the area of software testing. This way we want to solve software testing problems, tackle challenges, remove barriers and execute projects that induce small-step change that has impact in research, in practice, in business or in education. The final results being better software quality.

This alliance emerges from the join of the Spanish Software Testing Innovation Alliance and the MIDAS Community, as a result of looking for synergies at EU level in order to promote the adoption of software testing into SMEs.

The alliance is open to:
•    SMEs: the core of the alliance and main benefit of the adoption of innovation testing methods and technologies in practice.
•    Large enterprises: in particular large enterprises in domains such as telecom, nuclear, defense, transportation, Internet of Things, have enormous testing needs in order to develop and deploy dependable and secure critical software and may be users of different testing solutions of the community.
•    Academics: there are several EU innovative projects addressing testing topics relevant for the research community, so feedback concerning the project’s approaches, the use, the improvement and the realization of innovative and/or standards testing tools, will be crucial for its success. We want to validate EU research at international academic events.
•    Developers of testing methods and tools: developers and researchers will have access to different testing platforms and may share their knowledge and advancements in the community.
•    Public administrations: innovative testing solutions could lower the integration, testing and maintenance costs of systems such as ones for managing healthcare, social and environmental policies. In some specific domains, i.e. logistics / dangerous goods transportation, there are regulations at local, regional and national level. They may be involved to automatically generate tests that reduces bureaucracy.
•    Standardization bodies: to establish international standards in different topics.
•    Policymakers: With the spreading of the digital economy on the Internet of Services and Things that will involve all aspects of the citizens’ everyday lives, the dependability and security of services will become a must. We will raise the awareness of the policy makers and evaluate the need or opportunity of specific regulations concerning testability and testing.

The alliance will cover:
•    A virtual community where news, events and general information may be shared among its members
•    A repository of software testing results from EU projects or academia which may be adopted by industry
•    A set of use cases where testing solutions have been transferred into industry in practice
•    A set of national contact points in order to promote face-to-face meetings in different countries

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