D9.6 Periodic Dissemination and Collaboration Report, has been delivered

This report summarizes the dissemination, standardization and collaboration activities carried out by the MIDAS project in the September 2014–October 2015 period.

According to final metrics, we can conclude that the main purpose, the MIDAS community, has been achieved due to the joint effort with the innovation alliance EU project. This way, MIDAS community is bootstrapped from the initial Spanish Software Testing Innovation Alliance with more than 120 members.

At process level, the participation in the STIA meetings and the creation of the Aragon regional TesteA initiative, has allowed us to be in touch with lot of external stakeholders, from test developers, SMEs to public administrations and academics. MIDAS has been represented in more than 20 events and workshops and used to test 4 SAUTS developed by external parties.

At activity level, MIDAS has been disseminated in 24 conference proceedings and 6 papers (plus 8 papers which are under revision). MIDAS has participated in 16 events for cooperation and the website has received around 3500 visits. The generation of multimedia content has derived in a bigger number of accesses.

As a final conclusion, we believe that the MIDAS contribution to the bootstrap of the European Software Testing Innovation Alliance is the most valuable result that guarantees the promotion of new innovation testing methods and technologies to be applied into European SMEs in practice.