D3.7 Final assessment of the component prototypes for the model-driven automated generation of functional testing, has been delivered

Within the MIDAS project, various methods for the generation of tests were created by the partners. For the functional testing, components based on model-checking of protocol state machines were created. For security testing, fuzzing was applied in different ways and various fuzzing operators were defined. For usage-based testing, monitoring, profile inference and test generation components were defined.

Within this document, we provide a final description of the created test methods and their implementation within MIDAS. To this aim, this document contains a full description of all testing features. First, we summarize the functionality that we implemented for each test method. Then, we give an overview on the concrete MIDAS components that are the result of the development. Afterwards, we discuss the test methods with respect to the pilots to describe the practical experiences we gained so far. The results with the pilots are preliminary and the final evaluations will be presented in deliverables D7.4 and D7.5 for the health care and logistics pilot, respectively.