TesteA: Learning by testing


TesteA, the Aragon framework for the promotion of software quality based on testing, will be launched on May the 20th.

The main motivation of this action is to promote, develop and transfer new testing techniques to SMEs in order to be competitive in an international market where no failures are allowed.

Dissemination, training and transfer to SMEs activities are proposed:

1. Introduce the problems that should be addressed by the testing and what alternatives currently exist to manual testing, in particular the MDT (Model- Driven Testing) .

2. Assist the training of professionals to know in detail the methods, techniques and tools available to develop the testing phase in practice.

3. Reduce the learning curve and adoption of these technologies, some immature because they come as a result of recent research projects.

MIDAS project will be disseminated and some SMEs will be engaged to make use of MIDAS platform in practice.

See more in the offitial website (only in Spanish).