Newsletter #9 published

The newsletter #9 has been published.

During the last year of the project lifetime, the Consortium decided that, in order to successfully complete the planned activities and to achieve the expected results, a project extension of 2 months with respect to the approved work plan was necessary. The amendment was approved and MIDAS Project will end in October 2015. For this reason newsletters #9 and #10 will be delayed to May and September 2015.

In this ninth Newsletter you will read about:

  • Release of D6.4 (MIDAS Platform as a service – prototype alpha), D7.2 (Healthcare services pilot – building the specific test framework and carrying out the test campaign) and D7.3 (Supply Chain Management pilot – making testable the architecture)
  • Poster @ Petri Net 2015
  • A related project: InGeoCloudS
  • Project meetings
  • International Summer School on Intensive Automated Testing of Service Oriented Architectures
  • A related event: 10th Workshop on System Testing and Validation
  • Spanish Software Testing Innovation Alliance
  • TesteA: Learning by Testing
  • SINTESIO Foundation Partner