Participation in the final SUCRE workshop about Cloud Computing

Dedalus has started a challenging collaboration with the SUCRE initiative. The SUCRE project is driven by the key objective of the consolidation of the European Cloud Computing and Open Source communities by creating a critical mass of stakeholders who will work together on promoting the use of Open Source in Cloud Computing.

Following this collaboration, an article “A cloud based PHR-EHR integrated environment for the personalization of care” was published in the SUCRE CloudSource Magazine: Cloud computing applications for the healthcare industry, Issue 3/2014, April 2014.

Moreover, a presentation of MIDAS was given at the SUCRE Healthcare Workshop held in Athens on May 13th in the context of the eHealth Forum 2014 event.

We encourage to attend to the final SUCRE workshop about Cloud Computing: Key Trends, Market Opportunities and Impact in Societal Needs and Economic Growth.

Download the offitial press release for this final workshop.

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More about SUCRE Project:

  • Project: SUCRE
  • Title: SUpporting Cloud Research Exploitation
  • Description: Cloud Computing is now deemed the key computing paradigm for empowering distributed information systems and mainstream applications. The same holds for Open Source development models and software solutions. Their interrelation however remains not fully explored and exploited. SUCRE will discuss and identify the impediments on why open source cloud solutions have not been yet widely adopted. We will also examine how this adoption can be facilitated through an international dialogue on the “hot” topics of interoperability and data portability involving experts from both the EU and Japan.
    SUCRE will investigate and suggest means for reinforcing the adoption of open source cloud solutions by key stakeholders. We will engage two user communities whose future computing requirements could be very well served by open source cloud solutions, namely, the public sector and the industry that provides computing services to the health care sector. Both are of paramount societal importance and will serve as the SUCRE use-cases. SUCRE will produce a recommendation report with Open-Source Solutions for Interoperable Clouds in these two high-impact economic sectors, addressing issues related to interoperability and standards, including technological, societal, and legal aspects.
    Particular attention will be given to the interaction between academia and industry as well as among industry players. This will be reflected in the formation of the SUCRE EU – Japan Experts Group, as well as in our effort to bring together the researchers of tomorrow with industry and areas experts in the fields of the Internet of Services, Clouds and Open Source.
    Through the “5-step” integrated approach, SUCRE will set up an all-embracing, still focused, supporting mechanism for projects funded by the Software & Service Architectures and Infrastructures Unit, consisting of targeted workshops, an experts group, a young -researchers forum, publications and promotional material.
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