ERF2018 Workshop “Robotics for Logistics and Transport” slot2

Session Title
Robotics for Logistics and Transport , slot2

Jesús, Alfonso de la Riva; Instituto Tecnológico de Aragón;Spain;
Martin, Magnusson; Örebro University; Sweden;
Achim, Lilienthal; Örebro University; Sweden;
Sören Kerner; IML Fraunhofer; Germany;

Motivation and Objectives

This workshop is being organised by the euRobotics Topic Group for robots in logistics. Objective of this session is create synergies and collaboration between consortiums members of ongoing flagship European projects on robotics for logistics, academia and industry.

This workshop presents a continuation of the “Robotics for Logistis and Transport” workshops that took place at the ERF 2015,2016 and 2017 and where research projects with the focus on Robotics for Logistics and Transport were given the opportunity to present their objectives, approaches and use cases.

The aim of second slot is to create synergies and collaboration between consortiums members of ongoin flagship european projects on robotics for logistics, academia and industry.


The workshop consist in two sections; Flash presentations from selected speakers of ongoing H2020 flagship projects and a round table.

In this year’s workshop, four newly started and ongoing projects will be introduced, namely:

ROPOD (Herman Bruyninckx, KU Leuven )
ROBMOSYS (Christian Schlegel , ULM University )
REFILS (Jonas Reiling, dm-drogerie markt GmbH + Co. KG)
L4MS ( Ali Muhamammad – VTTT )

Further, first results from ongoing projects (ILIAD, SAFELOG, LOGIMATIC) will be presented.

The presentations will facilitate the dialogue between the projects, as well as between the projects and the community about the methodologies, technologies and platforms used and the results developed. This shall facilitate the exploration of possible synergy effects between the projects and other on-going research / technology developments, standardization effort. Additionally the compatibility of the solutions developed by projects with regard to each other, as well to other technologies on the market will be discussed.


Date: 15th March

Duetto 1 (Sandvik room)


    16:15-16:20: Introduction
    17:20-17:20: Project presentations

      • Achim Liliental/Martin Magnusson (Örebro University),  The H2020 Project ILIAD – Intralogistics with Safe and Scalable Fleets of Autonomously Operating Vehicles in Shared Spaces slides
      • Jesus Gonzalez (Eurecat), GNSS and local sensors, complementary technologies for port vehicles automation slides
      • Libor Preucil, (Czech Technical University in Prague),  SafeLog: “Recent Progress on Scheduling and Routing problems for Advanced Autonomous Logistic Systems” slides
      • Jonas Reiling (dm-drogerie markt GmbH + Co. KG) , Technological Challenges for Robotics in Retail slides
      • Herman Bruyninckx,(KU Leuven), ROPOD – Ultra-flat, ultra-flexible, and cost-effective robotic pods for handling legacy in logistics slides
      • Ali Muhamammad, (VTT), L4MS – Logistics for Manufacturing SMEs slides
      • Christian Schlegel, (Ulm University), RobMoSys – Better Models, Better Tools, Better Systems: Intralogistics Pilots slides

    17:20-17:40 Round table. Towards a European network of DIH in robotics for Logistics
    17:40-17:45: Conclusion