Within the euRobotics AISBL, several “Topic Groups” are being created (since late March 2013), as community-driven instruments to coordinate the activities in specific sub-domains of robotics. The objective of a Topic Group is to support the launch of “project proposals” by members of the European robotics community (be they members of euRobotics AISBL or not), but, first and foremost, to prepare the roadmap and project Calls that precede such proposals.

The Topic Group represented on this web site deals with robotics applied to Logistic and Transport of freights Domain.

The Topic Group initial named was “Topic Group on Logistics and Transport of freights ”, abbreviated “ROB4LOG”.
In 2016, the name of the Topic Group changed to “Logistics and Transport”.

Domain definition

The scope of logistics and transport field ranges from the manufacturers to the store shelves. Related with this knowledge area are:

  • Process materials inside manufacturer facilities,
  • the operations of expedition of final products to logistic centers and warehouses,
    the reception, store, order picking and shipping operations in warehouses and intermediate handlers,
  • the transportation operations (by lorry, rail, maritime and air),
  • And the final operations at the consumption centers.

Status of ROB4LOG.

  • ROB4LOG is topic group of euRobotics AISBL.
  • Coordinator : Jesús Alfonso , ITA (Spain)
  • Deputy Coordinators : Martin Magnusson, Örebro University (Sweden), Achim Lilienthal, Örebro University (Sweden)

ROB4LOG Contact:

The Topic Group Logistics and Transport is interdisciplinary and we welcome members from both the robotics community and related fields to Logistics and Transport of freight.

If you would like to join the ROB4LOG-TG, please contact: jalfonso@itainnova.es

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