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 Photo by USDAgov. At the time of addressing dock scheduling or loading optimization, experts still find difficult how to consider them: Are they warehouse processes or transportation processes? Warehouses, distributors, retailers and carriers remain challenged with manual processes when trying …

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The Advanced Planning Scheduling (APS) focuses on designing effective strategies for coordinating the available resources to improve the efficiency of the logistics network. It allows the company to adapt resources and processes to the volatile behavior of the supply chain, …

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[boxify cols=”7″ cols_use=”2″ position =”right” order =”none” padding =”5″ background_color =”#88AADD” background_opacity =”100″ border_width =”0″ box_spacing=”5″]Development of decision support tools based on information analysis and optimization of process costs.[/boxify]Design of decision systems based on algorithms and optimization techniques to improve …

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