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Por motivos ajenos al Instituto Tecnológico de Aragón se ha suspendido la jornada de Cloud SGA. Sentimos las molestias que esto le pueda ocasionar. La empresa Movilitas quiere invitarle a la presentación de su solución Cloud SGA en el centro …

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If you want to contact us, please, send an e-mail to cdlogistica@ita.es or fill in the form: The Public Demonstrator Centre ICT for logistics sector is located in the Aragon Institute of Technology’s facilities, in Zaragoza. Centro Demostrador TIC Logística …

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Demonstrator center: Overview: Supply chain: Smart store: Intelligent transport: Smart point of sale: Thanks to:

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Documents of the Public Demonstrator Centre ICT for logistics:    

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The ICT Public Demonstrator Center for Logistics accepts free transfers of property of all natural or legal person to contribute to the promotion and dissemination of information technology and communications in the logistics sector. Disposals of property shall be admitted …

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Come and we’ll help you

The Public Demonstrator Center in Logistics is located at the Institute of Aragon Teconógico. It is a space in which ICT companies may show to potential technology user companies, practically, technology products and services aimed at improving productivity and competitiveness. …

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Red.es Red.es is the Public Business Entity under the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism (Minetur) responsible for promoting the development of the Information Society in Spain and implementing projects under the Avanza Plan in accordance with the strategic priorities …

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IT Infrastructure

Technical room Computing infrastructure. Storage infrastructure. Network and communications infrastructure. Logical solutions (web, applications, data bases, e-mail, IP phones). Demonstration room Computers: PCs, portables and mobile terminals. Access to all the computing, storage, net and communication infrastructures. Projection equipment and …

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Smart point of sale

The main purpose of this facility is to show the capabilities of several ICT solutions in the field of direct sales to consumers. Technologies for the identification and collection of products with unique customer support: target small businesses vs. large …

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Intelligent transport

This equipment is designed for the simulation of vehicle traffic. Allows static mapping and dynamic mesoscopic, microscopic and macroscopic traffic simulation. Technologies for route and drivers planning and fleet management. Show geographic information systems analysis tools for locating and trip …

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